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Student Perspective: Wander Wisely

January 11th, 2017

Shana-Kay Hart, the Penn State School of Visual Arts Down Under student blogger, writes:

Shana-Kay in Australia

Australian Afternoon

Quaint Parisian coffee shops, decadent Italian desserts, and alluring Caribbean beaches: travelling can be a very exciting time whether it is to France, South Africa, or Australia. When exploring a new country, city, and culture, you will understandably and hopefully be enamored and enraptured no matter where you go. However, we tend to let our guards down in these instances, leading to moments that can either make or break an experience. With that said, here are some tips for wandering wisely on your adventures in hopes of limiting mishaps and unwanted outcomes!


  1. Take Precautions

Don’t let your guard down while venturing abroad. This means traveling in groups and never alone, making copies of all your travel documents and stowing them separately from the originals, as well as paying careful attention to your surroundings at all times.


  1. Be Financially Aware

I have come to realize the currencies of other countries are very pretty which makes it pretty easy to blow through. Being financially aware can entail budgeting before and during your trip, researching exchange rates and committing it to memory, as well as something as simple as recognizing different approaches to certain practices such as tipping in restaurants.


  1. Be Informed

It is important to acknowledge and follow the local rules and practices while travelling to other countries. More than that, knowing what can happen if you don’t follow these rules is something to keep in mind as well.


  1. Know Before You Go

Where there is a difference in language or culture, frustration may arise, but the greatest thing about travelling is that it allows us the opportunity to learn and grow merely from the purchase of a plane ticket! Learning a couple of phrases and words of your host country can help to prevent frustration, as well as allowing yourself to be open to understanding the norms and traditions of others.


  1. Be Overly Prepared

For everything and anything. Prepare for the simplest of things, such as change in weather, which can greatly affect you. Besides packing the appropriate clothes and shoes, it is important to also pack other necessities such as medications that may not be available in your destined country – something we often forget.


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