Clemson in Australia and New Zealand

Earn Clemson General Education credits in the South Pacific this summer!

The program comprises six (6) credits toward Clemson’s General Education requirements in Cross Cultural Awareness, Science and Technology in Society, and Non-Literature Humanities. Course options include:

  • IS 2100 – Cross Cultural Awareness
  • STS 1200 – Science and Technology in Society (STS)
  • STS 2150 – Meets STS and Non-Literature Humanities

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New Zealand & Australia – Humans and the Environment

This three and a half-week program combines 12 days on the North Island of New Zealand with an additional two weeks in North Queensland, Australia conducting service learning projects and studying sustainability.

Dates: May 14 – June 9, 2018  Credits: 6 Clemson General Education credits (IS 2100, STS 2100, STS 2150)  Application Deadline: March 1, 2018