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New Zealand & Australia

Sustainable Business

New Zealand & Australia: Sustainable Business

Program Description

This three and a half-week experiential program explores the outstanding landscapes of the South Island of New Zealand and the thriving commercial center of Sydney, Australia. The program begins after Christmas, when it’s summer Down Under. It’s a perfect time to visit the mountains, hike to the glaciers, paddle in the sparkling waters, interact with business and governmental leaders, and swim with dolphins. This course offers the chance to visit some extraordinary natural environments, study some of the many business practices that make use of these local resources, and consider the different cultures that make up modern New Zealand and Australia.

For its size, New Zealand is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world with temperate rainforests, glaciers, golden sand beaches, deep fiords, alpine herb fields, and rugged coastlines. New Zealand provides a perfect location to study the intersections of business, people, and the environment and the triple bottom line.

Sydney, Australia is a global city, highly rated for livability. As the capital of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney is ideally positioned as the gateway to Australia and Asia-Pacific commerce. NSW’s economy is larger than that of Hong Kong, Malaysia, or Singapore and accounts for about one-third of Australia’s gross domestic product. More than 600 multinational companies have chosen Sydney as their regional headquarters, benefiting from the city’s well-educated, multilingual workforce.

Program Highlights

  • New Zealand’s geographic diversity and relative isolation has created intriguing challenges to businesses and the thriving city of Sydney provides an opportunity to explore commercial issues in a globally significant Asia-Pacific market gateway.
  • Whether you are at home in the mountains, by the ocean or in the middle of a bustling city, this program has something for you. You will travel from rugged mountainous landscapes with no one else in site to Australia’s largest city.
  • You have the chance to swim with wild dolphins, kayak by golden beaches, and hike through surreal “The Lord of the Rings” scenery.
  • See a performance in the world-famous Sydney Opera House and visit the historic Rocks district, site of Australia’s first colony.

Program Itinerary

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Eligibility & Apply

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in the shadow of Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain One of the most geographically-diverse countries in the world with temperate rainforests, glaciers, golden sand beaches, deep fiords, alpine herb fields, and rugged coastlines. You have the chance to hike on a glacier, swim with dolphins, kayak to golden beaches, and cruise one of the largest fiords in the world. Programs Available:

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