Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Engaging with Fijian kava ceremonies. Exploring the startling beauty of New Zealand's Milford Sound. Stepping to the edge of the world in Antarctica. This is why many alumni call our programs the single most influential experience of their university careers.


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Program Description

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the remote and dramatic wilderness of the world’s least-understood continent. Towering icebergs, glacier-draped mountains, and waddling penguins are just a few of the wonders that greet you on this experiential program. You’ll explore contemporary issues in Antarctica and the adjacent Southern Ocean, and learn how this otherworldly continent is so closely linked with the civilized world. The program starts with a Fall online course that includes weekly webcast lectures covering a diverse range of Antarctic topics. The two-week field study takes place during your winter break, which is summer in Antarctica, when you’ll fly to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina before journeying by ship to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Although uninhabited and only recently explored, Antarctica is closely linked with the populated world. This program explores many of these important interconnections. Your study of the Frozen Continent will give you an excellent perspective on the ways that humans impact the world beyond our neighborhoods and national borders.

During your visit to South America and Antarctica, you will share comfortable hostel-style accommodations on land and staterooms at sea with other students in the group. It’s a chance to make life-long friends while visiting one of the most intriguing places on earth.

Program Highlights

  • Be one of the few people who have ever visited this spectacularly mountainous and icy continent.
  • Experience a rare travel adventure to what is perhaps the last true wilderness on earth, and see some of the world’s greatest concentrations of wildlife including vast penguin colonies, seals, and whales.
  • Immerse yourself in the history, politics, and natural science of Antarctica. Understand how this awesome place is profoundly affected by the rest of the world as well how this unique continent will influence critical global environmental issues in the near future.
  • Our expedition ship has a fleet of Zodiac landing crafts, which allow us to take daily excursions ashore onto the continent for spectacular scenery and close encounters with wildlife. You might even get a chance to camp onshore one night.
  • Experience near-24 hours of daylight – take stunning photos at midnight and spot wildlife at all hours of day and night!

Program Itinerary

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Eligibility & Apply

For all programs, students apply directly to the university offering credit. Please click on the university link for the program that you wish to attend.

The Ohio State University (OSU students only) 

SUNY – Brockport (applications accepted from any student enrolled at an accredited US institution)

Virginia Tech (Tech students only)


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